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Original Custom US Military Dog Tag

Tax included

Set of Original Custom US Military Dog Tag
Outstanding quality and 100% authentic. Tags are embossed in Ireland.


Custom US Military Dog Tag
Set Complete with Chains and Silencers Stainless Steel
High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Chain
2 Dog tags - Dimension: 50*28mm
2 Ball chains-one is 2.4*760mm, the other is 2.4*130mm
2 Rubbers-black
Connector included
Medical Grade Nickle Free Metal

Capitalization case of English letters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWZ
Capitalization Arabic numerals: 0123456789
Symbols: ( ) & . – / ? ~ @ * + ! “ ` :
Space Character

Embossment allows to make inscription of great quality and visibility. The text is easily seen from distance & feels great in the hand, you can feel each individual letter.
Because we use military machinery to emboss your message, your text will never fade or wear out even if it scratched, burned, or submerged.
Unlike our competition, our materials are genuine 304 stainless steel. our silencers are made from rubber and are easy fitting & designed to shield the clanking sound.

We can insert any text you like at no extra charge The only limit is due to the area of the dog tag, which can contain up to 11 characters per line and 5 lines.
Remember that each character relates to a space on the area of dog tags, "space" is 1 character just like any others.


By default the text is embossed centre justified.
If we receive text details with incompatible symbols, we will immediately contact you, if we don't receive a response, we will continue with the dispatch with appropriate text.

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