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On the verge of becoming an Ecosystem

My very first video game was Pacman. I cannot recall the platform.
My very first shooter was Doom 1, on a PC on which I spent countless hours. Gradually and over time, my passion for gaming brought me close to information Technology (IT). My first job was to sell computers, mostly desktops and their accessories intended for general public. Hungry for knowledge, I decided to study IT some of my evenings without forgetting the new skills I acquired in sales: how to share and live from my passion.

With the popularization of Internet, my penchant for gaming came back stronger haunting me.
 From IT to IoT (Internet of Things), gaming became a new way for me to acquire new skills related to computer and cloud industry. A world connected by Internet. Often, imagination and creativity are associated to the world of the video games. The common misconception being that the video game world impedes the imagination and creativity, while also acting as an ‘escapist’ tool for those unable to release their imagination and creativity in the real world. Something of an oxymoron, in my opinion.

For me, it was neither; rather my passion fuelled my inspiration.
In this space, you will find items directly or indirectly related to video games and my other creations.

Welcome to Gamerd.online!