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Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Apex Legend - 1vs1 - Tournament !!!

No Need to Sign-in

Player Selections


Welcome to the Tournament Apex Legend on the Firing Range!!!


You can Select any of legends.
Once the legends Selected, accompanied with referee, you go to the resupply area.
Pick up 1 shield cell, 1 syringe, 1 gold helmet and 1 gold body Armor.
You must select a Kraber and the second weapon can be any of none gold weapons.

Once the weapon Selected, the players can spread out to the location of their choices.
They will have 1 minute to do so. Once the minute expired, the first round will start.
A round lasts 3 minutes maximum or ends earlier with a winner.
Once 3 minutes expired, the same selection (as before) of weapons and location occurs.

The reasons of Disqualification are:
Killing the referee
Access to the resupply area during the fight
Hack & Cheat

In case of a draw, hand fight on The Platform.
Falling from the platform is a loss.

The tournament will start the 15th of April 2020 and Registration will start on  Tuesday 17th of March 2020 7.30pm UTC +00.
Good luck to all participants. Drop a line in the comment section for any questions.